Thursday, September 30, 2010

Emotional Health

Girls on the Run Round 2: We had a blast! 

Today was my second Girls On The Run Session and the topic was emotional health.  The girls had to brainstorm about good and bad ways to express their emotions - and they had some GOOD ideas!  I especially liked the suggestion to beat up your pillow instead of the person that made you mad :-)

 For our warm up, we acted out (very dramatically, of course!!) different positive and negative emotions.  The funniest one wasn't even in the line-up.  One of the girls started jumping up and down, running around very quickly and the others girls were yelling out, "mad" "angry" "frustrated" when really, it was a YELLOW JACKET in her wasn't even her turn....  Laughter is very healthy too, so it was all a bonus!

We then played lap bingo!!  With each lap the girls made around the school, an emotion was called and they continued to run laps until they made BINGO.  They had a lot of fun and it was great friendly competition.

Plus, with my laps, I completed my running for the day - another BONUS!

And even more more laughter...(today was a funny day!!)

My sink exploded and the man that fixed it today while I was at work wanted to me to know what a kick he got out of my dogs....he said the whole time he was under my sink, this big dog was licking his ears!!!  Guess who???  Good thing it wasn't a burglar taking off with my stuff, they would have had the Handy Hospitality Treatment as they made off with all my worldly possessions!!!

How can you resist those eyes? 

Well, it's Burrito Thursday, so I'm off to Chipotle and then Bill and I are catching a movie.  Happy Thursday!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Most Important Operation Beautiful Note

I've disappeared for a few days.  Truth be told, I needed a few days to just BE.  I continued to function in life, go to work, return phone calls, eat, run (no, I didn't bag on that!), but I've walked through the past 2 days more out of habit than anything.  I debated sharing this on a post and realized that I really have an obligation to share it.  If I can follow my gut and take a step to save my life,  then you can too.  As most of you know, I've been through quite the ringer over the past 3 years (and see no real break for at least 3 more....that's being optimistic!)  But, I have been given the gift of hope.  People have often gotten angry at me for being able to see the best in everything, looking up when something slaps me down and always knowing tomorrow brought something better if I just held on.  I was even asked once to just "be mad already and curse at someone."  But God made me the way I am and even though there are LOTS of things I think I might want to change, the truth is that I'm the best ME there is.  Now I know some of you may roll your eyes and think I'm a bit cheesy, but, well, think it, it's ok. 

Anyway, through it all, the one thing I've held onto was my health.  If you put some effort into taking care of yourself, you should say healthy, right?  Well, that's not always the case.  And, even though my common sense told me that sometimes things just don't go that way, they seemed to for me, so I just kept living my life with this false "control" over at least that part, if nothing else.

The bottom line of this story is that I'm ok.  But I may not have been and what it taught me is of more value than I can put words to.  I found 2 lumps about 6 weeks ago.  And, as is my nature, I kept that information to myself, pushing it back just far enough that MAYBE it would go away if I could distract myself long enough.  STUPID.  My gut wouldn't let it go away.  I talked my way out of being sick a million times over the past 6 weeks.  Then I stopped being stupid and sucked it up and went to the doctor.  She confirmed my findings and sent me for THE BIG M - a diagnositc mammogram and sonogram. 

Sitting in that chair on Monday in a room with 8 other women  -  all of us in the same fabulous little cotton "shirt", I was never so scared in my life.  My mind wandered ALOT in the 6 weeks before, but not as much as in those 10 minutes waiting for my name to be called.  I wondered what I would feel if I was told I was fine, what I would feel if I was told I wasn't, who would care if I was fine, who would care if I wasn't.  How quickly your health, and you entire life, could change!

For those of you that have been through the procedure, I don't have to tell you - IT'S NOT FUN!  And the side with the lumps, even LESS FUN!!!!  But, I made it through.  Now all I had to do was wait for the doctor to call me for the sonogram and the results.  WRONG.  My name was called again, but just for another grueling session of pulling and prodding and squishing unlike anything natural.  And those of you that have ever seen me, there's not much to work with - THAT DOESN'T HELP!

But I made it again.  And then my name was called again.  Finally... .to the specialist for the sonogram and the results.  Yes, I was justified in going in.  Yes, there are lumps, but not 2, many more than 2.....great!  Good news is that I'm prone to cysts, bad news is there is some calcification going on and the stability of that has to be measured every 6 months  for the next 2 years to be sure I am clear.

I don't know if my emotions were any different hearing I was ok for now than if I heard I wasn't ok because I had no real thoughts.  They should really make you have someone drive you to and home from a diagnostic test like that, because I don't remember much of the ride home.

So, the post title.  My Most Important Operation Beautiful Note.  When I was in the dressing room getting into my pretty "shirt" (aka behind a curtain putting on a curtain), I thought, what I wouldn't give to hear something positive right now.  So I paid that forward.  The next however many women that walked behind that curtain would hear something.

A couple of things I learned:
Keep taking care of your body - you only have one
Follow your gut and get things checked out, stop pushing them aside
Be grateful to God for the life he has entrusted you with
You don't know what tomorrow brings, so don't take anyone or anything for granted
Love and give with all of your heart

Have a peaceful night of sleep.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Starting Over

Today is Day 1 of Week 1 of my new running training it Ground Hog Day??????

So, today I started over.  I feel sooo much better AND no ankle pain.  It's a really light week, but a do-over.  I realized tonight as I was running that not running really had me down, SO injury prevention is #1!  Since I moved here, the dogs have just waited for me at the top of the steps, not really sure what I was doing downstairs (treadmill) and too nervous to come check it out.  I'm not sure what changed, but Levi felt inspired to leap the step foil (yes I actually put aluminum foil on my steps to deter the dogs from approaching the front door!) and come check it out - it's like he saw a pot of gold!!  He has always liked joining me on the treadmill, so since I was already started, this is what I  had to look at the whole time:

So, I caved and let him join me for the cool down.  Here he is in action - I have to apologize for the poor quality of the pictures, but trying to take pictures and not FALL OFF is quite a  challenge!!

I finished up and was stretching when I noticed Levi still over by the treadmill:

He is waiting to go again - how pathetic is he!!  He LOVES it!!

On another completely unrelated note, it was rainy here all day today and when I got home this afternoon I noticed an odd pattern in my flower bed (don't comment on all the weeds - FREE mulch always has a catch!!!!)

If anyone has ANY idea what in the world does that, I would be very appreciative of the input!  Here is a close-up:

WHAT IS IT????  It looks like something hid from the rain in there.  Maybe I should be scared???

Ok, that was a completely random thought, but it is such a mystery to me!

I hope everyone has a fantastic night of sleep!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Poolesville Day 2010

Saturday was the 20th year for Poolesville Day here in good ole' Poolesville Maryland.  It was fun to be part of a small town festival.  Levi and I started the day out at the parade (everyone LOVED him and he didn't mind the attention at all!!)

I did have to take him home a little while later - it was 95 steamy degrees and one little girl told him he had the longest tongue ever - I knew it was time to walk home.

Well, no worry on getting the 30 minutes of walking in.  I overdid it by about 3 hours - not at all kidding.  I was a little worried about how my ankle would feel, but it's actually feeling great.  My calves were another story, but I guess that's what happens with 3 1/3 hours of walking!

Once I got him home, I headed back out to the football game.

I never knew parents of peewee football players could be so MEAN!!  Wow.  But, they won!  Yay!

And I finished up at the actual festival - arts and crafts, tons of food (a whole funnel cake is NOT the best lunch!!), music, and the cutest animals!!

 These are Erin's goats (and yes, if you're wondering fainting goats actually do fall over when startled...crazy little things!)  Check out this video.

Well, tomorrow is the big day - back to my running plan - or should I say starting over with my running plan.  At least I know I can make it to week 3 without dying....just as long as my ankles don't give up this time.   These are my new kicks:

I hope they get the job done!!

When have you had a set-back that made you re-group and start over???

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Girls on The Run

Ok, here is the reveal of my fun adventure from last night....I am a coach for Girls On The Run!!!  I have been really excited to start.  The program is all across the country and it helps girls develop self respect and healthy lifestyles.  The girls are in 3rd-5th grade, an age where positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development occurs. 

So, how did I feel after an hour with 16 girls?

No, I'm JUST kidding!!  I had a blast!!!!!  The girls were a lot of fun and the other coaches were great.  Here's a link so you can check it out:

I'm going to be meeting with them every Tuesday and Thursday for a total of 12 weeks, working toward a 5K at the end of the season.  The girls can walk it, jog it, run it, it doesn't matter.  The goal is to finish and accomplish something great.

Last night the lesson was on changing negative behaviors.  The girls (and coaches!!) had to think about (and share) some negative behaviors we see ourselves doing that we would like to change.  What I was most impressed with was the honesty of the girls.  They just threw it all out there.  I realized that there comes a point when we keep a lot of those things to ourselves, beat ourselves up over negatives, but never share them, own up to them and get them out to throw away!  These girls are learning now to do that NOW and it's really great.  We also took those behaviors on index cards and slam dunked them into the monster box that ate them (we named her Negative Nellie!! - it was a toss up between that and Booger box...what can I say, they ARE in elementary school!!!).  We all cheered the girls on as they threw their negative behaviors away. 

Then, the run.  Ok, the tricky part - I am supposed to walk (according to my doctor's plan for this week), but how could I show up as Coach April the Amazing (yes, we are each assigned a word starting with the first letter of our name!!!) and JUST WALK.  So, I broke out into a slight jog for the run portion.  We did 3 laps around the field behind the school and with each lap announced a new POSITIVE behavior we were going to work on.

It was a really great experience and I'm so thrilled to be a part of it!!!!!

BUT I had the ankle on ice last night when I got home....guess that will be my normal post walk, jog, run routine!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!  Have a great day!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Food Story

I mentioned a week or so ago that I would be concentrating on making more concentrated food choices since giving up the farm animals... So, today I thought I'd share. 
My dinner last night - chile lime salmon, asparagus, spinach, brussel sprouts, mushrooms and carrots sauteed in olive oil and, of course, fruit!  Took a few dollars and 20 minutes...


This morning I went for the bowl of fun (ok, I just called it that to make it sound great!!).  It was Greek yogurt, oats, strawberries, raspberries and a drizzle of maple syrup...yum! 

I think the BIGGEST key to food (other than whole foods, which most of you know I'm a pretty big pusher of) is variety.  I have talked to so many people that have gotten into ruts.  We need easy food (and not 2 minute in the microwave easy, you have to commit a LITTLE more time than that to your health - and food is  one of the two HUGE components of your health), we need healthy food and we need variety.  So, I will share along the way my adventure.  Some things I will post recipes for, some not.  But, if there is a specific meal you are interested in knowing more about, just let me know and I'll pass it on.  :-)

I am starting something new tonight that I am VERY excited about....I'll fill you in later!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Three Slow Days

Well, I stuck to the first 3 days of my doctor's plan:
Mon - rest
Tues - walk 30 minutes
Wed - rest

Really complicated, right?  I also feel like a slug!  Oh, well.  I did say that injury prevention is most important so I will stick to it.  I've been working on my ankle strengthening exercises and Bill ordered me a Bosu ball so that will be fun times!!  IF I don't fall off the thing and kill myself.  I'll proceed with caution there too!  I am also awaiting the arrival of a new pair of running shoes that are more neutral so I can alternate (more advice from the doc).

On a different note, I attended a fun golf clinic with Rocco Mediate yesterday.  For those of you who aren't familiar, he's the one that gave Tiger a run for his money in the playoff at the US Open a year or two ago.

He's from PA, so he scores points with me right off the bat!!  He was really laid back and very funny (but a bit of cockiness DID show through a time or two!).

It was a lot of fun.  He was entertaining and I learned a bit too (no guarantee it will  help me, but education is always good!!)

Well, it's off to follow doctor's orders and REST the remainder of my Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Doctor Knows Best

Well, I guess I am older than I think.... (maybe being ok with my age gets me in trouble!!)  I went to my doctor today (she is fabulous, I've been with her for 15 years, so needless to say, I really trust her!).  She told me I definitely have severe acute tendonitis based on location and swelling.  So, no running again this week, but not all rest either.  Her suggestion:

Mon - rest
Tues - walk 30 min
Wed - rest
Thur - walk 30 min
Fri - rest
Sat - walk 30 min
Sun - rest

Next week - start over with WEEK 1!!  Am I lame or what???????

Anyway, that's how it goes.

Dinner last night was yummy delicious.  I went shopping for the week at Whole Foods.  If you've never been to one, you have to check it out.  I wish there was one within walking distance of me, I would be there EVERY DAY!!!  Anyway, I bought pecan crusted tilapia.  It was sooo good.  My dinner consisted of the tilapia with mango and black bean salsa, asparagus and spinach, a few olives, and fruit (cantalope, strawberries and raspberries).  Took a total of 20 min to cook and 3 minutes to eat... :-)

Here's wishing you a great Tuesday!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


"Discipline is nothing more than making a decision to continue the action you need to take to get the results you desire."

This is just one of the MANY simple but effective pieces of advice I received yesterday.  The speaker at my business seminar was amazing!  He was all about Straight Talk.   It talked to me so much because that's generally my management and business personality as well.  He was so SINCERE.  While there are SOOOO many things we can do, in ways of action steps, to grow a business, the biggest effect really comes from what's within us.  We have it all along......we just have to find it and use it.  Hearing Frank talk was worth so much more than the mere $25 I paid for the ticket.

While I was there I took the opportunity to leave another Operation Beautiful note.  I stuck it on the bathroom mirror and went back an hour later to still see it there - I hope just one person that really needed to see it came across it!! 

 Today is beautiful!!!  I started the morning at church   FCF Church  (we started a new message series today and Randy is just great!) and followed it up with a great lunch at Ruby Tuesday in Gettysburg with mom (thanks Mom!!)  She also gave me a book - 50 things that really matter - that I am really looking forward to jumping into!  Since Frank inspired me so much to take control of my life because "it's later than you think" I stopped and pick up a Poster Board to plot out some of the things I want to work on.  Then, since the Operation Beautiful bug was in my ear (and I needed dog food!), I swung into Target and left another note, hoping it would find it's way to someone's eyes that needed it today!

It really makes me happy thinking that I could bring a smile to someone else that might need it.  

My ankle is on it's way to 100% (thank goodness!!!).  I decided to not only rest it yesterday but today as well.  Tomorrow I'm planning on rewinding to week 2 and starting over.  Tomorrow I will also incorporate daily ankle strengthening and some other goodies.

For now, I'm off to elevate my feet, work on my poster board and cheer on the Skins!!!!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Hooray for Ibuprofen!!

Ok, I don't like to admit when my stubborness turns out to be stupid, but it definitely was!!  I woke up this morning feeling better than I have since Monday.  I took some Ibuprofen again this morning and I went for a casual 30 minute walk at lunch and I feel really good.  I can still feel a very slight tenderness, but the inflammation is gone and I feel like I'm on my way.  I'm not going to go crazy and jump right back in there.  I will rest it tomorrow and walk again on Sunday.  We'll see what next week brings...

In the mean time, it's off to business tomorrow.  I have a training to attend in Camp Hill that I am sooooo excited about!!  The speaker is a ridiculously successful business man and an all-around really great guy.  I'm looking forward to learning more goal setting techniques and some specific steps to growing my business.  I will definitely share how it goes (and of course whatever fun we can get into along the way!!)

TGIF!!!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday - I'm planning on a relaxing night with pizza with some friends and a good night sleep!!!!  Happy Friday!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's official

I have my first running injury and I am a big baby :-)  No, seriously though.  I did take my walk yesterday on a "still very tender ankle" with my walking/running partner:

Once we got going, about 5 minutes into the walk, I was feeling pretty good.  I didn't want to push it and decided to just continue to walk and see how I felt today JUST AS I PLANNED.

When we got back,  I iced the ankles down (my left is 300x worse than the right)

AND Levi was dramatic as usual and pretended he just had the most strenuous workout of his life!!

Anyway, the ankle felt a little sore, but better after the icing.  Today was a different story!!  The swelling really increased and finally tonight Bill convinced me to stop being difficult, suck it up, and take some Advil.  So I caved!!!!!  After icing on and off for 2 hours (and no walking or running other than regular activity during the day - which frankly is still A LOT!) and popping the little green gel caps, I feel like a new woman.  Stay tuned to see if I feel the same way tomorrow...

I did decide though that I would take this seriously and lay off anything other than every other day walking at most until I feel better.  I am hoping that will mean Sunday I'm good to go and can start up again, but if it isn't, than so be it.  I am determined to  make injury prevention as important as the run itself.  We only have one body right....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The value of rest and recovery

My ankle situation got worse!!!  It's nothing terrible, but you would not have convinced me of that when I woke up yesterday morning - felt like I was wearing stiff boots.  It's not my Achilles Tendon (yay!) or the joint (yay!) but just a muscle issue.  I have always had weak ankles and now that I'm older (yes, I'm perfectly, surprisingly comfortable with that fact...) they are really weak.  I found the solution - ice for 10-15 minutes a few times after the run AND STRENGTHEN MY ANKLES.  I have new shoes perfectly fitted for my slight over pronation, so I know I'm good there.  The ice was wonderful.  I did also rest and take the day off completely.  So, this week will be modified.  I will walk 30 minutes today and if I feel good, will attempt the same run from Monday on Thursday, walk again on Friday and again attempt the run on Saturday followed by a day of rest on Sunday.  If all goes well, I will then repeat this week (week 3) next week.  I would much rather get it right then get to running 30 solid minutes in 8 weeks if it means injury.  I did create my own ice pack - works just as well as those sold in the stores, but MUCH cheaper!!!

 Dishwashing liquid into a ziploc bag, fold in half and place in another ziploc and FREEZE!  It stays completely moldable and gel-like but icee cold!!

What types of injuries have you had and how did you deal with them?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Someone must be out to kill me...

Today was the big step in the running progression, running 5 min, walking for 1 min, repeated for 30 min.  I mentally prepared myself.  I had some pre-run fuel.

I cranked up the tunes.  I put on the headband.  But I SWEAR that 1 minute in between each of the 5 was no more than 20's fixed, I am convinced.  So whoever messed with my treadmill, knock it off... :-)

In all seriousness, it was tough for me, but it felt really great.  My ankles are feeling a little weak when I start out so I need to watch that.  If anyone has any great ankle strengthening exercises, please pass them on.  Once I got through my first 6 minute block, they felt good and I was on my way...

Most of you probably know I stopped eating meat back in May.  It was a decision I made for health reasons but BOY do I feel better!!!  I still eat fish, but cutting out that dense protein does wonders...especially for no gall bladder...I bet my pancreas would kiss me if it could.  But, it brings up some special considerations, especially when adding increased exercise...namely getting enough protein.  I am focusing on this and making sure I am eating a really balanced diet (ok, minus those fries you called me out on Friday night, but I think everything in moderation is fine...).  I'll start to share some of the great new recipes I've been trying as I move through this, in case anyone is interested.

On another note, is anyone familiar with Operation Beautiful?  Caitlyn Boyle started a concept of just putting up some random post-it notes on bathroom mirrors.  It has since expanded all over the world.  She has written a book by the same title and a website where people can share notes they've posted or found at  And I think the concept is amazing.  We (myself VERY included in this) all find it easy to pick out what we don't like in ourselves without realizing our true beauty as women (and you guys too, you just don't tend to obsess QUITE as much as we do).  We should realize that beauty really is who you are, not what you look like or what you can do for someone, but who you are as a person.  I decided to post my first note to myself, on my own bathroom mirror.

Then I left my first note on a public bathroom mirror.

Who knows who might come across that note and think it is just what they needed to hear right at that moment.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

BIG RUN success

Friday and Saturday of this week brought 2 days of runs, jumping to Run 4 min, Walk 1 min for 30 minutes.  It was tough for me but I felt great after...I did it!!  I am learning to celebrate all the little victories every day.  I know I tend to look ahead at the really big picture, which is good to keep everything in perspective, but I have to be careful not to miss the small stuff along the way.  You know that book, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff?  Well, I think there should be a similar one titled Don't Miss the Small Stuff.  Maybe there already is.

Friday night I spent some time with Mom.  We had dinner at the Corner Stable in York (don't look at those fries on the plate...) :-)

Saturday, we spent most of the day together too.  It was really nice to have some extra time - sometimes we are so rushed in our lives!!  When I got home I STILL had to run, but I did it.  Those lead weights were there for mile 1, but they fell off for the rest and I felt very accomplished when I was done.  I was exhausted though!!  I went to bed early for some wonderful sleep!!

Today is a day of rest for my training program (thank goodness!!!!).  And it's a rainy day in DC.

At church this morning and even in the organic market afterward, I kept hearing people say what a miserable day it was.  I know as a society we like to complain, but wow....there was a lot of complaining going on.  I think it's beautiful!  We all love the beautiful flowers, fresh fruit and veggies, rainbows, etc etc etc.  Does everyone forget where these come from?  Without the rain, we wouldn't have any of those things either!!  We should take the time and admire the beauty of the rain itself and of all it brings!

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox on complaints about the rain.  :-)

Onto prep for next week...

For those of you joining me, this week will be:
Monday - Run 5 min, Walk 1 min, Repeat 5x
Tuesday - Walk 30 min
Wednesday - Run 5 min, Walk 1 min, Repeat 5x
Thursday - Walk 30 min
Friday - Run 6 min, Walk 1 min, Repeat 4x, Run 2 additional min (AHHHH!)
Saturday -  Run 6 min, Walk 1 min, Repeat 4x, Run 2 additional min
Sunday - Rest!!

A little bit scary, but we can do it.  Here I am still standing after the first 2 weeks, so I know I can keep moving forward!!!

I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful rainy day!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A walk in the park isn't always a walk in the park

Today my running training plan was a 30 minute I decided to get back outside (it was BEAUTIFUL today) and take Emma.  Well, let's just say we had to stretch the 30 minute walk to 60 minutes JUST to be sure we actually got in 30. 

She started off strong, picking up a companion around the first corner.  Those of you who know Emma well WILL NOT be surprised.  In fact, it would be surprising if she didn't pick something up.

Her strength dwindled after about 20 minutes and she did lots of resting.

AND then lots of rolling.  HOW she finds the energy for this when she doesn't want to walk is beyond me.  I guess it's the same as having room for dessert even though you swear you couldn't eat another  bite...

I know, she looks like she's lost her mind!!  She has fallen off more sidewalks than I can count pulling this stunt.

We finally arrived at the much anticipated swimming spot.  Emma dove in before I could stop her from burying herself in a thick coat of bright green algae!!

The park actually has a really great trail through the woods, shaded, walking slowly with a tired dog - I really enjoyed the stroll.

But then it was a loop around and back toward the house...except she ran into her friend the stick again...

We finally made it home and she passed out on the floor for the rest of the afternoon. 

I was then off for a little more core exercise for yours truly.  We went to Whiskey Creek (our favorite golf course) and, with the watch of course, I was hitting some pretty good distances today.  I'm really trying to focus on core strength and while golf MAY seem like an old man's sport to most, it can really be a great workout.

Now some rest...I'm going to hit the links again tomorrow (and maybe get videotaped by a pro friend of ours...yikes...guess it's good to see the analysis of your swing, but a little scary too!!)

I hope everyone has a very restful sleep tonight...tomorrow is a BIG RUN DAY!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From golf to Benadryl...

Well, I made it home from my much needed get-away.  Tuesday brought a day of walking for my training plan (thank goodness...) and a day of golf.  We played at Ford's Colony on the Marsh Hawk course and it was beautiful.  I left my watch back at the place but hoped having Bill with me would be enough...have to remember the watch next time!!  No, I wasn't that terrible, but not quite as good as last week.

We followed it up with dinner for 4 at Bonefish Grill.  It's always a safe choice for us - the bang bang shrimp and ahi tuna are the best!!

The ferry ride home beat the one on Sunday by miles (and hours!!).  I pulled up and was second in line on the Virginia side - a welcome sight.   Coming home to dogs that think you are just the best thing since sliced bread and they don't know how to live without you tends to make you smile too!!  But I have an itchy dog.  I'm not sure what his problem is, but my fabulous dog sitter and friend Erin told me he was chewing at his paws and legs since I've been gone.  The crazy dry weather that killed everything has passed and there is new grass growth...could be it??  Anyway, I decided to help him out and give him a dose of Benadryl.  It has the same effect on him that it does on me...

But at least he is relieved of the itchies...for now anyway.

Tonight brought torturous day 3 of week 2 and while it felt like lead weights tied to my legs getting on the treadmill, I felt great when I finished.

Now it's off to my weekly conference call...

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ahhhh the wonderful summer sun...but I had to pay for it up front!

Today is day 1 of the second week of my new training program.  And it was hard!  Ok, some of you may think I am a wimp BUT not only did I have to up it to 2 minutes running with just a 1 minute walk break in between for 30 minutes...I did it outside!  A treadmill is MUCH more forgiving than curbs and hills and grass.  But, somehow I survived...barely.

Once I was finished though, a fabulous shower and the pool!  I think I spent just about every bit of today at the pool, just soaking in some down time...some much needed down time.

Tomorrow is a walk day...trying to muster up the energy to get through another one of those runs!  BUT, I made it and I feel very accomplished.  I know it's a very small step, but it's a step nonetheless.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days I've ever spent on the golf course.  The temperature was perfect with a slight breeze and what a sight...

 The perfect beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds.  AND to top off the day, I actually hit the ball really well today.  Bill credits the new golf watch (he dropped off a surprise for me Friday along with the most beautiful card ever written...ok, so I'm a little biased...). 

Today is when the beast appeared...
If anyone hasn't been on White's Ferry, it's a 'have to' experience...but not on Labor Day weekend and not with 200 people swimming like crazies in the Potomac that have to be dodged!  Wow, what an adventure.  I sat in my car for an hour and 15 minutes JUST WAITING to board.  I read almost an entire Prevention.  Luckily I had stashed the magazine in my purse just before running out of the house.  What a life saver.  I already had a 3 hour trip ahead of me during which to sing like a crazy person to every song on the radio so I couldn't jump right into that :-).  It put me really far behind, but I have finally landed.  I'm in Williamsburg, VA for a few days - to enjoy some sun, some relaxation and hopefully a golf course or two thanks to a generous invitation from these two:

Ok, they don't normally dress like that, but I couldn't resist!  I'll save that story for another day!!!

So, off to week 2 for my training plan.  This week looks like this:
Monday - Run 2 min, Walk 1 min, repeat 10x
Tuesday - Walk 30 min
Wednesday - Run 3 min, Walk 1 min, repeat 7x
Thursday - Walk 30 min
Friday - Run 4 min, Walk 1 min, repeat 6x
Saturday - Run 4 min, Walk 1 min, repeat 6x
Sunday - Rest

So we're stepping it up a little on week 2. 

I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Sunday night of sleep!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Turning the Corner Early

As excited as I was to do it, I worried when I started my running program that it would kick my butt.  Again, it's a start from scratch program and isn't too physically challenging yet, but I was worried about the mental challenge as well.  One more thing to schedule.  One more thing to stick to.  One more thing to "fail" at if I don't keep going.  You all know where I'm coming from I'm sure.  If it's not a running program, it's always something - the commitment itself always makes me a little anxious.  But I have to say that I have turned the corner...and early, so no guarantees, but I'm feeling really great about this.  I actually LOOK FORWARD to it...crazy.  In the past I've dragged myself to whatever it was at the time and felt great afterward.  Remembering how I felt after is what would get me on in the first place...but this time it's better!  I am now excited when the time of day comes for my workout.  I don't have a set time of day every day, sometimes morning works best (like today) and sometimes evening.  I look at my schedule for the day first thing in the morning and figure out when the best time would be.  I'm really looking forward to getting back into some events at some point.

One of my first events was the National Race for the Cure.  Monica and I did this together MANY moons ago, but we had such a blast!

By the look of this next shot, I think I was a little nervous getting started!!

But it went well and it has re-inspired me....

Maybe I can convince Monica to join me again someday :-)

She isn't walking backwards, I just made her turn around for the photo op...

I also did a long walk - the AVON 3 day breast cancer walk.  What a challenge (you wouldn't think just walking would be, but believe me, 60 miles becomes a challenge!!)

We even slept in tents!!  But WELL worth every second and every penny raised.

3 days of hard work (following months of a training plan) paid off - we made it to the finish line and contributed to a great organization at the same time!!

Tomorrow is a rest day in my training... bummer.  Doesn't mean I can't get some other exercise in, right?  I'm heading off the the golf course this afternoon and am going to attempt to take Emma on a short hike in the morning.  Wish me luck with that second one!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sleep Over

The boys and Emma have a week of fun planned with their friend Nittany.  He comes over a couple of times throughout the year and my guys really enjoy his company.

 They definitely get their fill of exercise the weeks he visits!!

Speaking of exercise...
It's day 4 of the new running program and I'm still going strong.  Again, it is basically starting from scratch, but I really want to do this right.  I'm in no hurry to win some marathon award, so why not do it right.  Mom is still plugging along too.  Still waiting for some others to join.....

After I finished up on the treadmill tonight, I headed out to meet up with Megan at Danielle's (delicious!!!) and to pick up our masterpieces from last week's pottery adventure.  I guess I was hoping that my bowl would somehow turn out miraculously beautiful, but it looked pretty much just as I remembered it...oh well.

We decided the fun of it was worth it and have planned another outing to make some Christmas gifts (those who laughed at my may be for you!)

Well, off to bed to get some rest to finish up the work week.  

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Traffic in DC can be INSANE!!!

I'm not sure you really appreciate the commute you have until you find yourself in another that is WAY worse!!!  Some of you know that I drove over 2 hours each way to work for over 3 years (I know, you don't have to say anything!).  Traffic wasn't much of an issue, just a LONG way to get there.  I moved closer about 2 years ago so I was down to a 40 minute commute, which, in comparison, was a DREAM!!!  But, I went and made it one step better...I moved to Poolesville and now find myself with a 12 minute commute and , well, there are no words....  Now I do have to add to that wonderfulness that the price is that I would starve to death if I had to survive on the one small grocery store in town.  There is not much going on here.  In fact, I think I saw Aunt Bea the other day!!  But, back to the plus side...I have a fenced in yard...guess I should say THEY have a fenced in yard.

But today I was taken to a place I never want to call my commute...DC in rush hour traffic.  Wow, what a mess.  I know it's rough all the time, but it seemed as if everything that could be in the way of smoothly getting me home showed it's face today.  On the upside, I was at a conference at the National Harbor.  For those of you who have never been there, it is definitely worth visiting.

When I finally did find my way home, the boys and Emma were happy to see me (I'm the only one that can open the food bin).  I took care of them and jumped on the treadmill for day 3 of my new running program.  I was beat when I walked in the door, but that gave me the energy I needed to keep moving.  I know it's early, but I am really enjoying this!  My mom decided to join me in my running journey and when she first got on the treadmill tonight what I heard was, "there is no way I can do this."  But when she finished up, I got a call that was more along the lines of, "I did it, I did it, I did it!!"  Now that's what I LOVE to hear...go mom!!

I'm now off to prepare for my conference call tonight.  I'm going to talk about keeping the main thing the main thing, then evolving.  I hope everyone has a great night!!