Monday, September 13, 2010

Someone must be out to kill me...

Today was the big step in the running progression, running 5 min, walking for 1 min, repeated for 30 min.  I mentally prepared myself.  I had some pre-run fuel.

I cranked up the tunes.  I put on the headband.  But I SWEAR that 1 minute in between each of the 5 was no more than 20's fixed, I am convinced.  So whoever messed with my treadmill, knock it off... :-)

In all seriousness, it was tough for me, but it felt really great.  My ankles are feeling a little weak when I start out so I need to watch that.  If anyone has any great ankle strengthening exercises, please pass them on.  Once I got through my first 6 minute block, they felt good and I was on my way...

Most of you probably know I stopped eating meat back in May.  It was a decision I made for health reasons but BOY do I feel better!!!  I still eat fish, but cutting out that dense protein does wonders...especially for no gall bladder...I bet my pancreas would kiss me if it could.  But, it brings up some special considerations, especially when adding increased exercise...namely getting enough protein.  I am focusing on this and making sure I am eating a really balanced diet (ok, minus those fries you called me out on Friday night, but I think everything in moderation is fine...).  I'll start to share some of the great new recipes I've been trying as I move through this, in case anyone is interested.

On another note, is anyone familiar with Operation Beautiful?  Caitlyn Boyle started a concept of just putting up some random post-it notes on bathroom mirrors.  It has since expanded all over the world.  She has written a book by the same title and a website where people can share notes they've posted or found at  And I think the concept is amazing.  We (myself VERY included in this) all find it easy to pick out what we don't like in ourselves without realizing our true beauty as women (and you guys too, you just don't tend to obsess QUITE as much as we do).  We should realize that beauty really is who you are, not what you look like or what you can do for someone, but who you are as a person.  I decided to post my first note to myself, on my own bathroom mirror.

Then I left my first note on a public bathroom mirror.

Who knows who might come across that note and think it is just what they needed to hear right at that moment.

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