Saturday, September 4, 2010

Turning the Corner Early

As excited as I was to do it, I worried when I started my running program that it would kick my butt.  Again, it's a start from scratch program and isn't too physically challenging yet, but I was worried about the mental challenge as well.  One more thing to schedule.  One more thing to stick to.  One more thing to "fail" at if I don't keep going.  You all know where I'm coming from I'm sure.  If it's not a running program, it's always something - the commitment itself always makes me a little anxious.  But I have to say that I have turned the corner...and early, so no guarantees, but I'm feeling really great about this.  I actually LOOK FORWARD to it...crazy.  In the past I've dragged myself to whatever it was at the time and felt great afterward.  Remembering how I felt after is what would get me on in the first place...but this time it's better!  I am now excited when the time of day comes for my workout.  I don't have a set time of day every day, sometimes morning works best (like today) and sometimes evening.  I look at my schedule for the day first thing in the morning and figure out when the best time would be.  I'm really looking forward to getting back into some events at some point.

One of my first events was the National Race for the Cure.  Monica and I did this together MANY moons ago, but we had such a blast!

By the look of this next shot, I think I was a little nervous getting started!!

But it went well and it has re-inspired me....

Maybe I can convince Monica to join me again someday :-)

She isn't walking backwards, I just made her turn around for the photo op...

I also did a long walk - the AVON 3 day breast cancer walk.  What a challenge (you wouldn't think just walking would be, but believe me, 60 miles becomes a challenge!!)

We even slept in tents!!  But WELL worth every second and every penny raised.

3 days of hard work (following months of a training plan) paid off - we made it to the finish line and contributed to a great organization at the same time!!

Tomorrow is a rest day in my training... bummer.  Doesn't mean I can't get some other exercise in, right?  I'm heading off the the golf course this afternoon and am going to attempt to take Emma on a short hike in the morning.  Wish me luck with that second one!!


  1. I'm still with you so far. I'm preparing myself for this challenge. All I can say is I'm going to give it my best.(Mom)

  2. Are you going to church? If so, I hope to see you there!