Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sleep Over

The boys and Emma have a week of fun planned with their friend Nittany.  He comes over a couple of times throughout the year and my guys really enjoy his company.

 They definitely get their fill of exercise the weeks he visits!!

Speaking of exercise...
It's day 4 of the new running program and I'm still going strong.  Again, it is basically starting from scratch, but I really want to do this right.  I'm in no hurry to win some marathon award, so why not do it right.  Mom is still plugging along too.  Still waiting for some others to join.....

After I finished up on the treadmill tonight, I headed out to meet up with Megan at Danielle's (delicious!!!) and to pick up our masterpieces from last week's pottery adventure.  I guess I was hoping that my bowl would somehow turn out miraculously beautiful, but it looked pretty much just as I remembered it...oh well.

We decided the fun of it was worth it and have planned another outing to make some Christmas gifts (those who laughed at my may be for you!)

Well, off to bed to get some rest to finish up the work week.  


  1. I love your bowl! You did an awesome job!

  2. I am in dire need of getting some exercise, as I've been complaining about it for some time now. I like the idea of starting from scratch, seeing as I'm very out of shape. I was going to try this new plan of yours but I'm not sure I can. Firstly, I have a recumbent bike, not a treadmill. Second, I have two bad knees and two bad feet which make high impact exercise, like running on pavement, a problem. Could this routine be done another way for someone like me? By the way, I'm enjoying reading your posts everyday and being inspired by them. Keep up the great work.

  3. With bad knees, you're best to stick to power walking. That's not to say you can't if you get your knees evaluated, wear appropriate knee sleeves and the right shoes. You can still follow the same concept, but you have to have a bit more discipline to make sure the running part is power walking with some mo-jo behind it. And do it outside as long as the weather allows. Alternate with the recumbent bike - great workout too! Just do a "casual" pace for the walking portion and a "tough" pace for the running portion. Both of these together will give you a great workout. Hope you jump on board!!