Thursday, September 30, 2010

Emotional Health

Girls on the Run Round 2: We had a blast! 

Today was my second Girls On The Run Session and the topic was emotional health.  The girls had to brainstorm about good and bad ways to express their emotions - and they had some GOOD ideas!  I especially liked the suggestion to beat up your pillow instead of the person that made you mad :-)

 For our warm up, we acted out (very dramatically, of course!!) different positive and negative emotions.  The funniest one wasn't even in the line-up.  One of the girls started jumping up and down, running around very quickly and the others girls were yelling out, "mad" "angry" "frustrated" when really, it was a YELLOW JACKET in her wasn't even her turn....  Laughter is very healthy too, so it was all a bonus!

We then played lap bingo!!  With each lap the girls made around the school, an emotion was called and they continued to run laps until they made BINGO.  They had a lot of fun and it was great friendly competition.

Plus, with my laps, I completed my running for the day - another BONUS!

And even more more laughter...(today was a funny day!!)

My sink exploded and the man that fixed it today while I was at work wanted to me to know what a kick he got out of my dogs....he said the whole time he was under my sink, this big dog was licking his ears!!!  Guess who???  Good thing it wasn't a burglar taking off with my stuff, they would have had the Handy Hospitality Treatment as they made off with all my worldly possessions!!!

How can you resist those eyes? 

Well, it's Burrito Thursday, so I'm off to Chipotle and then Bill and I are catching a movie.  Happy Thursday!!!


  1. Girls on the Run sounds really awesome! I wish they had something like that around here for my daughter. Have fun tonight!