Sunday, September 19, 2010


"Discipline is nothing more than making a decision to continue the action you need to take to get the results you desire."

This is just one of the MANY simple but effective pieces of advice I received yesterday.  The speaker at my business seminar was amazing!  He was all about Straight Talk.   It talked to me so much because that's generally my management and business personality as well.  He was so SINCERE.  While there are SOOOO many things we can do, in ways of action steps, to grow a business, the biggest effect really comes from what's within us.  We have it all along......we just have to find it and use it.  Hearing Frank talk was worth so much more than the mere $25 I paid for the ticket.

While I was there I took the opportunity to leave another Operation Beautiful note.  I stuck it on the bathroom mirror and went back an hour later to still see it there - I hope just one person that really needed to see it came across it!! 

 Today is beautiful!!!  I started the morning at church   FCF Church  (we started a new message series today and Randy is just great!) and followed it up with a great lunch at Ruby Tuesday in Gettysburg with mom (thanks Mom!!)  She also gave me a book - 50 things that really matter - that I am really looking forward to jumping into!  Since Frank inspired me so much to take control of my life because "it's later than you think" I stopped and pick up a Poster Board to plot out some of the things I want to work on.  Then, since the Operation Beautiful bug was in my ear (and I needed dog food!), I swung into Target and left another note, hoping it would find it's way to someone's eyes that needed it today!

It really makes me happy thinking that I could bring a smile to someone else that might need it.  

My ankle is on it's way to 100% (thank goodness!!!).  I decided to not only rest it yesterday but today as well.  Tomorrow I'm planning on rewinding to week 2 and starting over.  Tomorrow I will also incorporate daily ankle strengthening and some other goodies.

For now, I'm off to elevate my feet, work on my poster board and cheer on the Skins!!!!


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  1. I was serving in the nursery during first service! Ruby Tuesday's in Gettysburg is my favorite!It is better than the two in Frederick. Hope you are feeling better. Maybe we can get together again soon!