Sunday, September 26, 2010

Poolesville Day 2010

Saturday was the 20th year for Poolesville Day here in good ole' Poolesville Maryland.  It was fun to be part of a small town festival.  Levi and I started the day out at the parade (everyone LOVED him and he didn't mind the attention at all!!)

I did have to take him home a little while later - it was 95 steamy degrees and one little girl told him he had the longest tongue ever - I knew it was time to walk home.

Well, no worry on getting the 30 minutes of walking in.  I overdid it by about 3 hours - not at all kidding.  I was a little worried about how my ankle would feel, but it's actually feeling great.  My calves were another story, but I guess that's what happens with 3 1/3 hours of walking!

Once I got him home, I headed back out to the football game.

I never knew parents of peewee football players could be so MEAN!!  Wow.  But, they won!  Yay!

And I finished up at the actual festival - arts and crafts, tons of food (a whole funnel cake is NOT the best lunch!!), music, and the cutest animals!!

 These are Erin's goats (and yes, if you're wondering fainting goats actually do fall over when startled...crazy little things!)  Check out this video.

Well, tomorrow is the big day - back to my running plan - or should I say starting over with my running plan.  At least I know I can make it to week 3 without dying....just as long as my ankles don't give up this time.   These are my new kicks:

I hope they get the job done!!

When have you had a set-back that made you re-group and start over???

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!!!!!

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  1. Hey April. Keep up the awesome work. I believe minor setbacks are the bodie's way of making sure we realize we're not spring chickens anymore and we should proceed with caution. I've been having a setback of my own these past few weeks. Feels like my lower back is out of line; like my hips aren't underneath me like they should be, but pushed backward, like I'm sticking my butt out. Went to doctor, had some xrays done that came back fine, and some blood drawn for tests. I'll be going tomorrow to find a gym in my area. Hoping this will give me some motivation. For all I know, the back pain could just be from lack of exercise and/or pulling it and not realizing. Since I haven't been exercising, I'm noticing I get hurt easier. I need to change that and lose some weight for my own health. I know I'm beautiful on the inside; I just want to see it on the outside too.