Thursday, September 9, 2010

A walk in the park isn't always a walk in the park

Today my running training plan was a 30 minute I decided to get back outside (it was BEAUTIFUL today) and take Emma.  Well, let's just say we had to stretch the 30 minute walk to 60 minutes JUST to be sure we actually got in 30. 

She started off strong, picking up a companion around the first corner.  Those of you who know Emma well WILL NOT be surprised.  In fact, it would be surprising if she didn't pick something up.

Her strength dwindled after about 20 minutes and she did lots of resting.

AND then lots of rolling.  HOW she finds the energy for this when she doesn't want to walk is beyond me.  I guess it's the same as having room for dessert even though you swear you couldn't eat another  bite...

I know, she looks like she's lost her mind!!  She has fallen off more sidewalks than I can count pulling this stunt.

We finally arrived at the much anticipated swimming spot.  Emma dove in before I could stop her from burying herself in a thick coat of bright green algae!!

The park actually has a really great trail through the woods, shaded, walking slowly with a tired dog - I really enjoyed the stroll.

But then it was a loop around and back toward the house...except she ran into her friend the stick again...

We finally made it home and she passed out on the floor for the rest of the afternoon. 

I was then off for a little more core exercise for yours truly.  We went to Whiskey Creek (our favorite golf course) and, with the watch of course, I was hitting some pretty good distances today.  I'm really trying to focus on core strength and while golf MAY seem like an old man's sport to most, it can really be a great workout.

Now some rest...I'm going to hit the links again tomorrow (and maybe get videotaped by a pro friend of ours...yikes...guess it's good to see the analysis of your swing, but a little scary too!!)

I hope everyone has a very restful sleep tonight...tomorrow is a BIG RUN DAY!!!!

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  1. LOL, love this post! I wish I had as much energy as you! Keep up the good work!