Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I am as close to a Halloween grinch as you can get.  I think costumes are fun and I like the "idea" of trick-or-treating for kids, but I haven't been much into handing out candy - ESPECIALLY in a neighborhood where thousands of kids were projected to come through. 

But on a positive, in the spirit note, I did go to a Halloween party Saturday in Baltimore and had a blast!  It was at a place called Little Havanas.  Bill and I danced for HOURS - we were both sweaty (enough that someone asked me what happened to my hair....).  normally he is involved in the production of the party to some degree (usually to a very large degree!) and this time we could just enjoy it.  The costumes were VERY entertaining.  We ended up going in formal attire, not sure what we would say we were, but shortly after we arrived we were told we made a great Mr. and Mrs. Smith - so we went with that!  I'm sorry to say that we have no pictures to share.  There are a few in circulation, I'm told, so if I get my hands on one, I'll share.

The marine corps marathon was yesterday in DC (one day I'll be there!!) and there were a lot of people dressed up for that.  I'm not sure where the energy comes from to run 26.2 miles, but to wear a costume too???

And then the guys that carry flags - they keep them with them the entire time!!!

I think I'll hang this by my treadmill for the next time I think I should give up early!!!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!!!

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