Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Melting Pot

If anyone has a chance to stop in and have dinner at The Melting Pot, I highly recommend it.  I've heard people talk about it for 15 years and FINALLY made it there.  Bill and I went out last night to celebrate his birthday.  Neither of us are really into making a big deal out of our birthdays, but we do both enjoy a nice dinner to celebrate!!!  We've been talking about dinner for a week or two but didn't decide on the location until the last minute - what a great decision.   It's not the kind of place you swing into for a quick dinner, but for a special occasion, it was a really great experience.

It's could that NOT be fun!!

Starts with a steamer pot...

Add a great waitress to help explain everything since we were both newbies...

Then the appetizer...we chose the spinach and artichoke version.  We had Granny Smith apples (I know, that sounds weird, but VERY good!), bread, tortilla chips and veggies for dipping.

The salads were great too.  Then the entree... we chose a combo to share that included filet, chicken, lobster and shrimp.  I ate the fish options, he ate the meat options.  It was really good!

But the best, of course, was dessert.  We chose dark chocolate with Bailey's.

And for dipping, lots of goodies!

We were definitely full, but had a really great time!

And no, I'm not drugged, this happens to be the best of several pictures we took (you wouldn't want to see the others... scary!!)

So, if you ever get the opportunity, I highly recommend checking it out.  I have a Fondue set that Mom bought me a LONG time ago and now I feel inspired to break it out!!!

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  1. Very nice pic of the two of you April! Bill kind of looks familiar for some reason. Miss you!