Monday, October 4, 2010

A Time For Rest

A typical weekend for me is "catch up".  I tie up loose ends from the work week, I organize my business plans for the following week, usually getting in a few appointments I wasn't able to pull off through the week, I clean the house, etc., etc., etc.  That's not to say that I don't take it easy sometimes, but usually as I do, my mind is thinking of the 40 other things I SHOULD be doing.  That's not really rest.  But yet I still do it all the time.

Well, not this weekend.  I actually rested and enjoyed my weekend.  Of course now my house needs cleaned :-)  But, oh well, it won't cave in!!

Friday - pizza and wine and TV snuggled under a blanket
Saturday - WONDERFUL dinner ( )
Sunday - lunch, shopping, redskins (yay!! Go Skins!)

Read about some of the benefits of getting enough rest :

So, now it's back to work.  I feel refreshed and ready to have a great week!!!

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