Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sweet Potato Fries and Why It's Tough Being a Woman

Well, here they are.....TRY NOT TO DROOL!!!

Don't they look delicious???  They were!!!  Ok, enough of that...go make yourself some :-)

So now I know you're curious about the second half of that post title.  I wanted to share something pretty funny with you.  I started a class Monday night with my friend Megan and 28 other women on the Book of Esther and the subtitle for the class is "It's Tough To Be A Woman".  The funny part is the survey.  If you aren't familiar with Beth Moore, she is SOOOO funny.  Before putting this study together she took a survey of 400 women and asked what they considered the hardest part of being a woman to be.  The largest response by a MILE was...

Do you know?  What do you think?

HORMONES.  I thought that was so funny.   It was some overwhelming 80+%

What would your response be (you can't use hormones...)  And guys, no silly answers :-)

I also have a confession to make.  I am skipping running tonight.  I KNOW!  But, it is what it is, I'm beat.  I am going to rest (see my previous post on rest!!!) and prepare for my conference call tonight.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable evening (and works harder than me tonight!!!)

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