Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fitness Goals and Plan

The first of many things to START in this new year.

As most of you probably know, I have signed up to run a 1/2 marathon on May 7, 2011 in the Frederick Running Festival in Frederick, MD.  I am very excited and nervous all at the same time.  Preparation.  That's what it comes down to right?  You can do anything if you are prepared.

The most consistent training I've done to date has been for the GOTR 5K back in November.  A plan to get the distance in is one thing, consistency a whole other monster!!  I've designed a 6 week consistency training plan for myself that will gradually increase in distance until I am running 4 miles 4 days a week.  Then the 12 week 1/2 marathon training kicks in.  One step at a time.  I really believe that anything you jump into at 150% will fizzle.  Things that are incorporated and made into habits (you don't have to check off if you've brushed your teeth or put your shoes on, do you?) are the things that stick.

I have my running partner.  Levi now knows 2 cues.  As soon as the Bose speaker comes out, he knows we're heading to the treadmill.  Now, as soon as he sees the running tights and gloves, he knows we're heading outside.  And he WILL NOT be left behind...he has made that very clear by leaping down the entire front stairs (they're covered in foil so the dogs don't try to escape through the front door - a story for another time!!), crying and jumping at his harness and coat.  It's quite the scene, but it's worth it for a great running partner (minus the squirrel obsession of course!!).

Come May 7, I'll have a different running partner - MAC!!  The fiance of one of my dearest friends, Terri, he is always a great guy to be around.  She will be training for a marathon at the same time, so they will be able to get some training time in together.

I'm am definitely looking forward to it, but am VERY happy to have this time to prepare!!!

Fitness goal # 2 for the year - one hundred pushups.  I attempted this training plan for a week a few months back, but once I hurt my back I threw in the towel.  Not being very strong with pushups was probably no help to my oncoming weak back issue at the time!!  So I'm starting now.  I'll do it in 2 phases - the first is girl pushups...then onto real pushups.  Hey, I'm a girl.  I think that gives me a right to start there!!!  Besides, 100 pushups, girl kind or not, I would be happy!! It's 6 weeks for the first phase, then 6 weeks for the second phase (modified at points if needed).

Fitness goal #3 - get back into Yoga!!!!  I practiced Yoga weekly for about 6 months and absolutely loved it.  I am not inherently flexible, but it really helped.  And there are A LOT of other benefits to Yoga.  I will start to attend Yoga regularly, beginning with at least once a week.  The downside to this goal versus #1 and #2 is that Yoga can be expensive.  I've tried DVD's, they are just not even close to the same for me.  I like to have a live instructor and the interaction of a class.  Somehow, it works for me.  But, to stay in line with my other goals, I have to find a way to practice Yoga, in a class, without paying much.

So, I started to research.  There is a studio in Frederick that offers walk-in Friday night $5 classes - that's a steal (classes are usually $15 a piece!)  But it gets better...if anyone has used Groupon, you know it is AWESOME.  Lots of great coupons for things in your area.  I found a $15 coupon for 5 classes - $3 a class - you CANNOT beat that.  Oh, actually I did!!!  There is another studio in Frederick that offers classes on Sunday afternoons for FREE, yes FREE.  Ok, the classes are taught by students in Yoga training programs.  But, when you are trying to save money, who cares!!  The only people that take Yoga training classes are those that were decent at it in the first place.  I think it's a win-win.  So between the $5 classes, $3 classes, and FREE classes, I have the $ part of it under I have to make sure I do it!!!

Fitness goal #4 for the year - try some new things and add variety.  I wanted to make sure I wasn't too bogged down with lists that I didn't enjoy things.  I think a happy balance of planned and unplanned works well.  So this goal is pretty loose - I will try some new things and add some variety into my fitness schedule.  For instance, there are plenty of cool place to hike around me - FREE!  I also found a Pilates class offered through my church - FREE!!  No excuse to anyone that says they can't get exercise because the only free thing is at home boring stuff...not true!!

Anyway, there you have it...2011 fitness goals in a nutshell.  Wish me luck...or better yet, join me!!!


  1. Good luck with your goals! I'm seriously considering signing up for the Frederick Half as well. It would be my 2nd half ever!

  2. Thank you! That would be great to have a new friend on board!!! You would be the experienced one of the bunch!