Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Never Too Late for Christmas

 Or a Christmas post.

I realize Christmas has come and gone, but I am still trying to dig out!  And NOT from snow....missed us completely!!!  I'm sure you can't help to have heard about the crazy amounts of snow that blanketed the East Coast...NOT ONE BIT here.  I think it is a bye from last year.  I'm sure there is more coming our way eventually.

Anyway, back to Christmas...

A lot of driving, which has become the norm of my life.  But, there is a companion that never lets me down.

Scary story...I pulled up to the drive through, ordered my Grande Skim 130 degree latte (as always) and merrily went on my way.  The next day, driving home from church, felt the urge for a 2nd day in a row latte.  I rolled into the drive through, placed my order and the voice in the big box says..."You really started something"  to which I responded, "excuse me?"  Turns out, after I headed on my way to PA, the 130 degree temperature took off like a ROCKET!!!  The kid working had remembered me from the day before and remembered my voice and the way I order (ok, a little creepy, but stick with me here).  I always thought I was weird (ok, I am, don't get distracted, just talking about the coffee issue here) but I didn't care.  I am a wimpy coffee drinker and if I get it at regular temperature I have to wait a full 30 minutes to drink it.  So, weird or not, I am ok with it.  But now, I'm feeling less weird OR the world is joining me.  Either way, it's all good.

Ok, back to Christmas.  As I passed through New Oxford, I saw a beautifully decorated building.  I stopped my car, leaned out the window and had to have this picture.  So simple, but I just thought it looked so pretty.

Then onto mom's for dinner and family (that's Grandma for those of you that don't know her....isn't she just the cutest??)

Then, Dad and Nancy chose home over Florida for Christmas, so I was able to swing in there for some  warm apple cinnamon wine and apple pie...yummo!

Anyway, Merry late Christmas to everyone.  I hope you enjoyed time with family and friends!!

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