Friday, December 24, 2010

Levi look-alike!

Most of you are probably familiar with my 3 chocolate labs.


Most of you are probably also familiar with the fact that the breeder where I purchased the boys 4 years ago...not so reputable.  Or clean.  Or honest, it turns out.   (Here is Skip wishing he was ANYWHERE other than this!!!)

Let me preface this with the fact that I love what animal shelters and rescues do and I think they are the place to go for a family pet.  BUT, somehow my mind left me for a short vacation and I walked away from this breeder with not 1, but 2 chocolate lab puppies.  I think it turned into more of a rescue mission at that point.  My mom received a puppy from here for Christmas that year too (that's what go me in trouble..Skip asked me to go along and help pick one out!!!)

Anyway, the papers say I have 2 male chocolate labs...and I thought I did.  Until a few months down the road, when the body shape of levi, the behaviors, well, jut about everything but his color, made it very clear, there was an oopsie at the breeder.

Chocolate lab here...

Starting to be a bit questionable...check out the tail and ears!

Ok, there's no chocolate lab here... (and his sister, Jade, that my mom has....clearly his sister and also NOT a chocolate lab)

Turns out...the vet doesn't think Coop is all chocolate lab either.  Grandma or Grandpa...not lab.  At this same breeder, they also sold German short-haired pointers...there it is...mystery solved. 

So I came upon this picture and he is a...pure bred German short-haired pointer!  If I didn't know it wasn't Levi, I would swear it was!!!

He's SUCH a good dog...just a little misunderstood!!

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