Monday, November 15, 2010

The BEST shirt EVER!!

I am not a fan of the cold.  AT ALL.  But there is help for me!!!!  I wore this 'Stay Warm' Base layer shirt by Nike and I didn't want to take it off...I wish it was my skin!  I can't remember ever not being cold when I'm out in the cold, I am just miserable and no fun at all to be around.  This shirt has changed everything!!  I'm not saying I will be singing the same tune when it is -5, but for a person that really dislikes the 30s, this is a saving layer!  I HIGHLY recommend it.  Under Armor makes a version of the same thing, but I decided on Nike because of the thumb holes.  Same price, same look, same overall effect, but when you have loooong arms and a looong torso, you really appreciate when things fit!!

 Sometimes you really have to love technology!!

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