Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Lucky Are We???

I will probably cause massive winds and rain to fall on Girls On The Run because I am saying this, but we have been soooo lucky.  There are so many groups that have been rained out on a lot of sessions and we have somehow managed to run outside EVERY time so far.  Even days when it poured most of the day, somehow the sun found its way out by 3:15.  And yesterday, it was beautiful!!!  The temperature was 68 and the the sun was out.  We finished up at 4:05, headed inside to take care of some housekeeping things regarding our upcoming race, and the skies opened up...really opened up.  The wind and rain haven't stopped yet!!!  In fact there was a tornado watch until 3 am. 

I did decide to re-evaluate my race goal.  I've been told by the other coaches that the field is packed with thousands of girls and setting a time goal is just unrealistic, especially since there is no staggered start.  So, my goal is to finish.  I think that's a pretty good goal since not finishing would mean troubles found me along the way!!!  Yesterday we did 2 miles, I ran the whole time and finished in 20 min.  I'm happy with that, and it's on track for my original race goal, but I'm not sure I could have pulled off the final 1.1 miles with the same endurance, so my time may have shot up a bit.  We are doing a 5K next Thursday to get an idea of what we are going to bring on race day.

I decided that my watch for good luck golfing (sporty with bling!) could also be put to very good use for running, so I broke it out and made it my official running watch (once I start timing, etc, I'll need to switch it up, but for now, it's Perfect!)

I also decided to ice my ankles, now that they feel really great, it's easy to skip.  I have to get that in my head as a habit!!!  AND I have to continue to work on my breathing - that is one thing that has always bothered me when I ran and it still is.

Overall, the running is progressing...YAY!!

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