Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Funny Thing About Goals...

We all set goals...goals for life in general, goals for our careers, goals for our families, financial goals, business goals, weight loss goals...I could go on and on and on.  Anything that's worth doing is worth setting a goal to accomplish.

That's the funny thing about goals...YOU HAVE TO SET ONE IN ORDER TO REACH ONE.

As I prepare for some individual business coaching calls tonight, my focus is on setting goals...with a twist.  It's not your typical, ok, what are your goals and what will you do to get there?  Been there, done that, a thousand times over.  We all have.  Not just in business, but in life.  Someone asks you your goal, you say what it is (if you know it...sometimes that's the overall problem and you don't even realize it!), you say what you're going to do to get there, you might even do it for a day or two, but the only things that stick are the easy parts.  The parts that are tough, they get shoved to the side and life slips in, easily, every time.  What does that do to your goal? Next time>>>the question again, what is your goal and what will you do to get there.  I want to look backwards tonight.

Tonight the questions will focus more on whether or not you think you are doing what it takes to reach the goals you've set for yourself.  If not, why?  If you don't know why, how will you change it?  What will it take to turn that around and what is your plan to get there?  There are many areas in my life that I have to set goals around now and I'm sure I'm not is no different. 

I really look forward to these calls because it puts me in touch with everyone in my business.  It also forces me to walk the walk.  Who am I to coach if I can't do it, who am I to inspire people to reach if I'm not reaching.  I was asked today if it gets frustrating when some days you feel like no one else is on board.  My answer is yes, some days, if I'm being honest.  But other days my team is so amazing and I'm the slug...they inspire me way more than I could ever thank them for.  We all struggle reaching our goals- there's no universal goal out there.  They are all very different and very personal. I think that if you help,  EVEN SLIGHTLY, others reach their potential, their dreams that only they can pick, it's worth it.

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