Friday, October 22, 2010


Yesterday's lesson at Girls On The Run was about bullying.  With all of the news surrounding this issue right now, I thought it was really appropriate.  Kids are just trying to be kids and play and have fun, but they have to deal with these issues in the mix.  I know it has always been around, but with technology the way it is right now, I think a different class of bullies has been able to take over.  Cyber bullying is HUGE and really a shame.  It allows bullies that don't have the guts to face someone to do it in a sneaky way - but have just as painful an impact.  Anyway, talking to the girls about this made me realize how much they really do have to deal with and how much WE really have to be there for them.  We tend to think kids just roll their eyes at us and wish they could rule the world.  When a 10 year old was beating around the bush yesterday to ask me to stay with her until her mom showed up, I realized that's not really the case.

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