Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cooper doesn't know the laziness leaves when the week starts...

A lazy weekend is great, but what a life...the dog's laziness can continue right on through the week!!!

I think they should get jobs.

Notice, he's also on the couch...where he isn't allowed, but so comfy with his head on the coffee table that he didn't even notice me :-)

On another note, I found a yummy frozen dish.  Since my new take on eating real food, I don't wander into the frozen section as much as I used to...and sometimes you need a quick meal, so I took a look.  And I found these:

Yum...yum...yum.  And I'm pretty critical of frozen stuff.  They were all natural and organic and really delicious.  They aren't huge so I had to add a salad, but a great source of protein and yumminess!!!

Bracing for the ice storm here...wish me luck on the frozen slope to work in the a.m.!!!

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