Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Snow Has Arrived

Well, it's snowed.  A lot....which alone is not that big of a deal.  The 4 foot ice block wall that the plow truck left blocking my driveway this morning...not good.  I kicked it, I beat it with a shovel and I finally resorted to trying to jump it, which I managed successfully after many tries.  Many.  Did I say many?  There will surely be some talk from my neighbors that were, no doubt, watching from their windows (probably with a cup of coffee and a warm bath robe).

Ok, I feel better after venting.  I am safely at work now and will block out the drive home and the idea of tackling my driveway until later.

While the snow was flying last night, it was quite beautiful!

But there was some thunder so Levi was nervous.  We snuggled.

Stay in if  you can today and be safe!!!!

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