Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here I Am....

I know I have been missing in action...just not taking the time I would like to stay current here.  I am going to try to turn that around...

So, the past week...

Levi and I have been sticking to our running plan.  He is VERY dramatic when we finish up though...see a pattern here?

I probably look like that too, Cooper just hasn't figured out how to use the camera to catch me in action!!!

I also tried to drive into DC.  Yes, you read that  For those of you that have never driven in DC, this might not seem like that big of a deal.  It is a HUGE deal.  Apparently DC is worse than New York City.  When there was a left turn option on my Garmin, there were actually 3 left turn lie!  Whichever lane I happened to be in when I turned left was the left I took and it was ALWAYS the wrong one.  I spent 4 hours in my car going to the convention center that is 35 minutes away and didn't ever stop my car.  I saw some sights along the way...

All unintentional of course...but pretty nonetheless.  Let's just say that after some serious hyperventilating, some panic of not having a bag to throw up into in the car, I realized that the Metro was made for people like me. It's not public transportation because people that live in the city don't have cars, it's for people that live outside the city that are dumb enough to think they can drive into the city.  DC is not meant for driving!!!  I wanted to kiss this when I saw it:

I also made some big changes at work over the past week.  I am "phasing out", not at all in a negative way, in a very positive way.  I've been given the opportunity to design my job the way I want it.  It is starting with spending less time at the office.  I have a lot of personnel responsibilities, so this will be gradual, but great for me...a goal I am really looking forward too.  I worked for a few hours in my home office the other day.  I usually have a line of people outside my office door.  At home, I have this:

He's cuter than most of the people that are usually at my door!! :-)

Mom also had surgery, so I went to PA to spend some time with her.  She is a bionic woman!!!

That's it in a nutshell.  Tomorrow is the start of EOD posting.  Every other day...that's my goal.  I would like to eventually get to every day, but I don't want to jump into toooo big of a commitment too soon.  I have some other business plans in the works as well. so I'm learning to balance my time correctly.

I wish everyone a wonderful week!!!


  1. April, I know what you mean about driving to D.C! I have driven it a few times and it's difficult! So sorry to hear your Mom had surgery. Praying for her and for a speedy recovery! Maybe sometime when you are up this way again, we could meet in Gettysburg for lunch or dinner. I love Gettysburgs Ruby Tuesday! Hope all continues to go well for you! Take Care

  2. You are a brave girl for driving in DC. I have yet to actually drive in the city. I always take the train or the metro. I have been in the car with other people in DC but they seem to know where they are going (except that one time my dad drove but that's a whole other story).