Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Best Soup Ever

I am expanding my cooking horizons.  Since deciding to not eat farm critters, it's been a challenge to be sure I am getting everything I need, nutritionally, especially while running when the demands can be even higher.

One thing I've never tried on my own is soup.  I always thought it was a lot of work when there are 8000 varieties at the store, fairly cheap, ready to go.  But, turns out there is good in making your own.  With the volume I made, it ended up being even cheaper than I ever could have bought it for, per serving, from the store. Plus, it's all fresh veggies (well, you can toss some frozen peas or corn in there, but they can sometimes be better than fresh!).  The problem with a veggie soup is you need protein, so adding some high protein Barilla pasta and beans solves that problem too!

And who doesn't love a big bowl of soup on a cold Fall (almost Winter...yikes!) day??

Have a great afternoon!  Anyone have any great soup recipes to share (they don't have to be vegetarian, not everyone who reads this is :-))?


  1. Wow April, that soup looks really good! Can you believe that, coming from me? LOL What all did you put in it and what did you use for the broth?

  2. I used vegetable broth (32oz), tomato sauce (15oz can) and 1/2 cup water for the broth. For veggies I used zucchini, squash, carrots, celery and frozen peas (you can use corn etc). I also threw in a few cups of cooked pasta and a can of kidney beans...yummy! You can customize it with whatever you like best, that's what I love about it!