Monday, November 22, 2010

Packed Weekend!!

What a Weekend...But a Ton of Fun too!!!

Friday night we went to "some thing for their kid's school" what I was told.  Details don't always come across very well with Bill :-)  Turns out is was a fundraising dinner and auction for the Adam's County Children's Advocacy Center.   It was such an inspiring evening! 

Thankfully, I know how much he doesn't pay attention to the details, so I thought enough to ask what to wear.  He called and found out that it was formal (wouldn't we have looked cute showing up in jeans (me) and shorts (him)!!)

It was held at the Wyndham in Gettysburg .

And it was beautiful.  They really did such a great job with the whole event.  Friends of ours are on the Board and one is actually the Head of the Special Events Committee.  So, we sat at the front table, had a great view, great dinner (wonderful vegetarian choices!) and were honored to be involved in such a worthy cause. 

Of course I was nervous about trying to look nice and he found himself waiting for me...

Oh well, he's probably used to it by now!!

Saturday morning I headed out to a business meeting in Grantville.  What a great day that was too!  Our trainer was very down to earth and based a lot of his day on integrity.  I value this in any business and strive to put it first in mine as well. 

And Sunday,  Church, Skins (yay!!) and Whole Foods (I LOVE this place, but the week of Thanksgiving...MAD HOUSE!!!)

And last, but far from least, I registered for the Half marathon in May!  Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement.  I'm starting my training today, so stay tuned!!

Have a great week!

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