Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mock 5K...Check!

Well, we did it.  Not just a 5K, 3.8 miles to be exact.  We ran in a neighborhood in Poolesville (one with a slowly inclining LOOOOONG hill....4 laps....4 hills!!!)  It was really fun though - we had water and Gatorade stops along the route and people standing out in their driveways cheering.  I wasn't completely thrilled with my time when I first got back, thinking it was 3.1 miles (even taking into consideration the frantic dog escape and chase, chat with a mother runner about the change in step aerobics and convincing four 6th grade boys that in order to get the Gatorade they would have to run with us...that made them reconsider!!!).  I did it in 43:46.

Once I realized it was 3.8 miles, I grew more accepting of my time.

The girls did great.  There were some serious complainers, but they stuck it out, dug deep and got it done.  I was so proud of them, and I could tell they were proud of themselves too.

I got home and iced the ankles right away, had a delicious dinner and feel really great today.

So Sunday is it - and the girls are ready (hopefully me too!).  Since we can't really set a time goal, I will be thrilled to just get all of us there, running and finishing!!!

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