Monday, August 23, 2010

"What is the First Step?"

I have finally decided to take the leap into the world of cyber space with my life and my business (I know, I'm a little slow!!).  For those of  you who aren't quite sure what I do, I'm the founder and CEO of a personal and business development company that I've named cooperlily & blue.

I started a new program this morning with my business associates called "Monday Morning Breakfast Club".  It's a place to share a quick thought for the week as I sit down each Monday to breakfast.  I realized as soon as I sent it, that the thought was exactly what I needed to hear myself....funny how that works!!

Here is what I shared:

No matter how big or small the project, no matter how complicated, how much effort is needed and how afraid you are of tackling it, the question you should ask yourself each morning is always the same - "What is the first step?"

I guess I took that step today.  Please join me as I move forward through this beautiful place we call life.........

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