Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Productive Day

The business meeting went really well.  I think it is so important to have a working team in business, sometimes as important as the business itself.  I schedule these every 2 months or so in order to touch base on ongoing projects and set new team goals face to face.  I started the Monday Morning Breakfast Club and hold bi-weekly training conference calls as well as bi-weekly accountability calls, but there's a lot to be said about being in a room together throwing all of our ideas out on the table.  We always incorporate eating (who didn't know that with me involved??).  I think a meal is bonding and a good way to relax, have some fun, learn about each other and become a close team.  We either do a pot luck or a barbecue or head out to a restaurant (our group is getting so big, it's a challenge to find a place to easily accommodate us now!!). 

Once we finish up, we work through an agenda focusing on goals and action plans to get there.  I'm thrilled with the amount of participation and enthusiasm everyone brings.  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend and is geared up for a great week!!!


  1. Our participation and enthusiasm is becuse we have a great coach and mentor. I can't speak for anyone else but for Andy and I we could do this with out you. Thank you we love you.

  2. Thank you're the best!!