Thursday, August 26, 2010

Artisitc Ability...LACKING

To all of you that have witnessed me using my "mug", you know that the art gene is not expressed in me...not even a little!  I admire other people's talents in this area so much because it seems so far outside of my reach.  But, I have fun with it anyway AND I never have to fear someone stealing precious artwork that I've created!!  Tonight I met up with my friend Megan and we tried our hands at some pottery.  Ladies Night is Thursday night.  You can bring food and drink (which of course I did...most people know I rarely miss a meal) throw your hair back in a pony tail and hang out and chat while you try to pretend you are a great artist.  We had a blast!!!  The results will be in next week and I'm sure the pieces will be fabulous (see, you have to have a positive attitude since thinking it will probably be horendous will do absolutely NOTHING to make it better before next week).  We'll see, maybe I will be very pleasantly surprised...the unveiling will be next Thursday night...stay tuned.

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